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About Leopoldine Liechtenstein

Leo is an Illustrator and Art Director. Originating from the field of Visual Communication, she works on projects in various creative fields with a wide range of clients from all over the world, approaching each solution with both an insight on the practical, solution-oriented execution as well as an unconventional creative boldness. Her scope of work include Illustration, Branding, Design, Visual Communication, Photography, Post Production, Customer Care and Motion Graphic.

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2017 – 2019

Former Co-Founder of Common Instincts – Creative collective and Platform with Janine Egger

Berlin, Germany


Former Co-Founder of RAW Place – Creative collective and Platform with Janine Egger & Assunta Waldburg-Zeil

Berlin, Germany


Short film exhibition at "ID/Identities - International Art Festival of Photography, Video Art, Computer Graphics" at Koza Visual Culture and Arts Association

Istanbul, Turkey


Selected Clients

Bio LM Südtirol (AUT)

SAPPHO New Paradigm Cosmetics (CAN)


1.618 Sustainable Luxury (FR)

Carealytix GmbH (DE)

Find.Alma (PT)

Liechtenstein'sche Ökonomie Neulengbach (AT)


Common Instincts (DE)

The Test Kitchen (SA)

SCALE (Munich)
PATRIZIA Children Foundation (Augsburg)

Gallery S. Bensimon (Paris)

Princes D'Orleans Gallery (FR/ Link)

Short film exhibition at "Hidden Cities & Hybrid Identities International Video Art Festival and Photo Exhibition"

Rome, Italy


Priced Award for "All Japan Fashion Teachers" Contest

Tokyo, Japan


Exhibition "Sustainable Luxury 1.618"

Gallerie S. Bensimon

Paris, France

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