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Liechtenstein'sche Forst- und Gutsverwaltung

Austria 2018, Janine Egger & Leopoldine Liechtenstein as "Common Instincts"

Web Design and Photography for the Austrian EU-certified, organic agriculture and forestry management, called “Prinz Liechtenstein’sche Forst- und Gutsverwaltung”. 


The new visual identity pairs the aesthetic elegance of the country’s tradition and its beautiful, almost untouched nature – both Austria’s most valued assets – into a poetic and dreamy visual story line. 

The website continues this vitality by showcasing people’s involvement in the process of traditional organic agriculture and forestry, with a focus on nature and living-environment, reflecting how both are entangled to create sustainable living. 

The typography & layout reflects a more modern look and feel to the traditional view on Austria, to suggest a future-oriented development of sustainable farming.


View the live site here.

Concept: Common Instincts 

Services: Art Direction, Photography, Web design


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