MIKU – App for Dialysis

Munich 2020–2021

MIKU is an App for dialysis patients, available on the App-Store and on GooglePlay in german and english. Patients can track their dialyses values, check out the values of what they eat, test their knowledge and find out where the closest dialysis center is located. The Design of the Website, the App, as well as the Printing Material, reflects playful Colours Schemes, Icons and always its Mascot MIKU, the racoon.

Check out the website here.
MIKU, the racoon created by Theres Staudigl.

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(In Europe/Germany)

Download the App here:

Animations & Illustrations

While MIKU the racoon, was designed by Theres Staudigl, Illustrations of MIKU in various other forms, where adjusted by Leopoldine Liechtenstein, as well as most of its shorter animations throughout the App (Start Screens, MIKU-Premium). Longer animations by Anna Laumer.


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