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"SAPPHO New Paradigm"

Berlin/Vancouver 2018 – 2019, Janine Egger & Leopoldine Liechtenstein as "Common Instincts"

Re-Branding, Photography and Illustration for Canada-based luxurious and organic make-up line “SAPPHO New Paradigm”. The brand focuses on developing a line free of synthetic preservations known or strongly suspected of being carcinogens.


The re-branding’s new identity follows the union of luxury-products and an artistic approach, incorporating the diversity of the Canadian countryside and culture in a variety of colours and images. Throughout the collateral a lyrical line is drawn to highlight the essential relation to the brand’s muse: the greek poet Sappho.

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The imagery follows the direction of clean, conscious, vegan and luxurious make up in showing daring people and a variety of Canadian themes.

If you are interested in learning more about “SAPPHO New Paradigm" visit their website here.

The packaging and production material encompasses the artistically drawn lyrical line as well as the diversity of Canadian culture, portrayed throughout the countryside and  reflected in a wide range of colours.

Concept: Common Instincts 

Services: Design, Photography, Illustration, Photo-editing

Light-Assistance: Andreas Jacobs

Event-Photography: Charlotte Spiegelfeld

Behind the scenes