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SCALE - Munich

2017 Janine Egger, Assunta Waldburg-Zeil & Leopoldine Liechtenstein as RAW Place

"Scale" means range. This term leads directly to the frame and content of the first wall exhibition in the Bavarian capital.

Twelve street artists from around the world affirmed their commitment for the first big Wall event in Munich. The concept of the event is a temporary outdoor art space – on buildings being torn down in the close future – showcasing street artists from various backgrounds.


The artists painted on three directly adjacent buildings on the Siemens Campus within a week. The agglomeration of creativity and oversized works in a single location is unique in this region and sets a certain standard to the global street-art scene. The result is an open air gallery of high end art, accessible to everyone. With the size of the works, one is no longer just an observer, but must set oneself in motion in order to perceive them in their entirety and thus become an active participant.

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Before & After

The following murals are shown before and after the painting process.


The close-up photographs of the different SCALE Artworks become their own art work hanging in the office staircase of PATRIZIA AG, fully blown up as a decorative element.

Photographic Close-Up Print Production for SCALE


The concept of project SCALE is based on the spirit of donating to the PATRIZIA Children Foundation. The prints resulting from close-up photos of the murals are being sold and auctioned.  100% of all revenues are being donated to the PATRIZIA Children Foundation. You can purchase the prints on PAT ART LAB

The photographed close-ups were created during SCALE . Each print is hand signed by the respective artist and comes with an artist certificate.

Print: archival art paper

Size: 90cm x 60cm

Courtesy of Pat Art Lab 2017

art prints without frame

Portraits of artists that participated in the project SCALE

Concept: Common Instinct (with RAW Place & Assunta Waldburg-Zeil)

Services: Art Direction of Close Up Prints, Photography

Webseite: www.scale-munich.com